History of the Bill Naumann Bocce Tournament

In 2004, my parents renovated and moved into 31 Fulton Street. To put in an inground pool, they needed to blast some ledge and raise the landscape. My dad created a wall and made the Bocce Pit so that the existing fence would not be half underground. That first year, my parents hosted a pool party to which I created the first Bocce Tournament. The tournament structure is simple with a $5.00 entry fee, players needing to be at least 5 years of age, a blind draw for the picking of partners, and is a one game elimination. The winning team receives all money collected and their names embroidered on the official Tournament flag. In the beginning, my children, nieces, and nephews were young, so I would host “Goofy side Games” all for “my own entertainment” of course. As the years went on, and we had more people playing, one pit just was not enough so we extended the area into two bocce pits. In 2009 when my dad passed away, I decided to make this day of gathering with friends and family a memorial to his well lived life. This day is for enjoying the company of people we hold dear. Each year on this day, I reflect on my life’s journey, and I remember so many friends and family members who are no longer with us. People who I had the pleasure of sharing good times and lots of fun with! The greatest pleasure I get each year has been watching my children and their cousins grow up with a tradition that they all look forward to more than Christmas. It is also priceless watching all the kids and their friends as adults still embracing the “Goofy Games”. So, please join us for Bocce if you want to play, but most importantly for Food, Family, Friends and Fun!

Cheers, Laurie.

Picture of Bill Naumann

This website is a work in progress, so please check back regularly as we plan to add a photo gallery and more content. We also would like to create an interactive section where you can vote on “Bocce Superlatives.”

We are looking forward to seeing you all on August 4th.

Bocce Tournament Official Rules

  1. A $5.00 entrance fee per player will be collected to create the pot.
  2. All players must be at least 5 year old.
  3. Picking of partners will be determined by some sort of fun blind draw/game from Laurie Shea’s creative mind. (No whining please).
  4. Each player should be committed to the end or the team will be out.
  5. All games will be played to 11 points.
  6. To start each game the youngest player will toss the pill.
  7. Any ball that hits the back wall is out of play and should be removed from the court. If the pill hits the back wall it remains in play and play continues. Each round must result in a score change.
  8. Each team must rotate playing no one team member should be tossing twice in a row.
  9. As needed the “buy” system will be instituted. Each team will draw a card the highest card gets the “buy” (aces high).
  10. There can be only one. The winning team will split the pot and have their names embroidered on the flag.
  11. Please direct all comments, concerns, and suggestions to Laurie Shea.